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Released on April 2, 2020 in honor of Tim Halloran's Birthday:  "Touch" is the first video from "Breakfast Under The Trees"...
OUT NOW!!! - New Album Released June 12, 2020!!! 
Breakfast Under The Trees
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There are some people who come into your life and change it forever! Tim Halloran was one of those people and his untimely (and unexpected) passing brought the end of an incredible era that can not possibly be equaled. 

Fortunately, he had finished his contributions to one final album, that is perhaps the most poignant and intimate of the Super Genius catalog.

Titled "Breakfast Under The Trees", Steve Brown calls this a 12 song love letter to Tim's Kwiat's wife Karen. The album is certainly an appreciation of relationships, growing older, and simplicity, but it also the album that was not meant to be.

With a live performance scheduled in March of 2020, the band had initially planned to record a straight rock album that they had been rehearsing, but planned those sessions for April and took a break for the week between Christmas and New Year's of 2019. During that time, Steve had been experiencing medical issues that made it painful for him to play the drums for extended periods of time. To stay fresh, Tim Kwiat wrote all of the music on this album in one evening, and finished off lyrics within the following two days. He then quickly recorded acoustic guitar and vocals.

Next Steve added bongos, shakers, bells, knee slaps, brushes on cardboard boxes, tambourine, African drum, wood blocks, rain stick, and even a bowl of water to create atmosphere around each piece. He only played a full drum kit on one song! 

Tim Halloran's bass work is classic. His parts were creative, collaborative, and executed to provide a subtle sense of motion and color to this very intimate collection. The work on this project alone provides proof that music was this man's life! Sadly, within a week after finishing his final performance, Tim's physical presence was gone....However, his heart and spirit continued with every playback as the record continued with Mike Bitts adding piano and keyboards, Tim Kwiat embellishing with electric guitar, and Olivia Brown (Steve's daughter) adding gorgeous harmonies throughout. The result not only is a fitting tribute to Tim, but it is perhaps his finest work. 

"Breakfast Under The Trees" was mastered by Glenn Carty (Original Producer for "Victoria's Plyground") and will be presented digitally and with a limited CD pressing in the coming months.    
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June 12, 2020:

Breakfast Under The Trees - Now Available on CD, Digital Album Download, & Streaming.




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