Painting In The Rain
By Super Genius
Released: 1995
Produced By: Jay Sorrentino

Track List:  My Old Girlfriend - Painting In The Rain - Spending Time With You Save Me - Let You Down - Every Time I See Her - Dark Days - I Am Everywhere - Sad Oak Trees - My Back Yard - Thousands And Millions
Victoria's Playground
By A Thousand Years
Released: 1989 (Rockin' Toucan)
Produced By: A Thousand Years and Glenn Carty

Side 1:  Clear Blue Sky - Simon Says - It's Not Up To Me - I Think I'm Gonna Die - Heavens On Fire - Out Of Place (Apple Cart)
Side 2:  Next Time Around - Could've Been Sleeping - Spirits - Pick Me Up On Sunday - Make It Shine - Not Going Blind
The 102 Sessions
By A Thousand Years
Released: 1987
Produced By: A Thousand Years / Recorded by Tom Kaine

Track List:  Could've Been Sleeping - Watching Out For You - Spirits - Heavens On Fire - Not Going Blind

Halfway To Infinity
By Tim Kwiat
Released: 2000
Produced By: Tim Kwiat and Efrain Torres Jr.

Track List:  Intro - Barbarian - Forever - Seasons - I Will See You In A While Little People - A Walk In The Meadow - Clear Blue Sky - Forever Again - Believe Me - Scituate - Greed - She Is Everything - Ordinary - Revolving - Don't
You Get It? - Life Is Good - Believe It
Endless Stairways
By Tim Kwiat
Released: 2001
Produced By: Tim Kwiat

Track List:  Bobbie Gates - Seconds Late - The Good Life - Virgin Skies - When It Rains - All For You - Watching Out For You - Out In The Country - Tracey - Tell Me You Love Me - Missing You - A-Song - When I'm With You - Jami - From Behind The Wall
By Tim Kwiat
Recorded: 2003
Produced By: Tim Kwiat

Track List:  Invitiations - Can We Dance? - Hope - Toll In Sand - Under The Bridge - Just In Time - At The End Of The Day - Peace On Earth - Sandalwood
Sunlight In The Garden
By Tim Kwiat
Recorded: 2003
Produced By: Tim Kwiat

Track List:  Sunlight In The Garden - Music Is The Rain (Chant) - Someplace To Be - So Free - Goodnight Moon - Secrets - My Joy - Terrarium - The Road - In The Garden - Song To The Spring - A Saturday's Rain
Mystic Ocean
By Tim Kwiat
Released: 2004
Produced By: Tim Kwiat & Efrain Torres Jr.

Track List:  Step Inside - Conversation With A Mirror - From Within - Anything Man - Coming Apart - Sunlight In The Garden - Music Is The Rain (Chant) - Someplace To Be - When The Day Is Done - Great Day At The Funeral Parlor - The Road - Wider Than The Sea - Sunday Morning Coffee - So Sad To Leave You - So Free - When Will You See Me? - Song To The Spring
Post Apocalypse
By Tim Kwiat
Released: 2006
Produced By: Tim Kwiat

Track List:  Finding A Way - Distant Thoughts - No Signs - What Have We Done? - Came In Like A Lion - When You're Free
The Lithium Doesn't Work
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2009
Produced By Tim Kwiat

Track List:   The Lithium Doesn't Work - Why Don't It Feel The Same? - I Think Of You - No One Like You - When It Rains - This Isn't Your Star - Two Sides To Every Mirror - Big Bright Smile - Goat Farmer - I Don't Want To Be Your Clown - Homely Girl - When I Was In Love - Dead Doris -    Nothing From You - Plastic Girlfriend - All We Need
Mod Experiments For A Hip World
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2010

Track List:
Disc 1
Day To Day - Out Of My Life - My Little Jet - Things I Take For Granted - Homely Girl - My Old Girlfriend - Came In Like A Lion - Great Day At The Funeral Parlor - Save Me - When You're Free - Uncle Pete's Tractor - Nothing's Changed - No One Like You - Sold Of Heart - Missing You - When The Day Is Done - Your Feel Good Book - Dark Days - Big Bright Smile - Ordinary - A Poem For Sarah - All We Need

Disc 2:
Finding A Way Home - Distant Thoughts - From Within - Anything Man - What Have We Done? - She Is Everything - When It Rains - Seasons - This Isn't Your Star - Coming Apart - The Lithium Doesn't Work - Clear Blue Sky - Fight Another Day - Goodbye Yesterday - The Answer - Two Sides To Every Mirror - Days On The River - What You're Into - Believe Me
Coming Soon !!!
14 Year Retrospective - A great introduction !!!
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Pictures In The Attic
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2011

Track List:

What Are You Looking For? - All Aropunday - Pictures In The Attic - Inside Dimensions - Always Be There - Just Can't Win - Magic In This Life - Dreams We Left Behind - Every Day And You - My Time Is Not My Own - My Deepest Breathe - What You Say - How Can You End Up In Love This Way? - What Did I Do?
Open Your Eyes
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2012

Track List:

Opening Prayer (Freedom Chant- Prayer- Fire Storm Prophecy) - No Honor Among Thieves - Open Your Eyes - Prepare Your House - Bad Guys - Choose Freedom - Nothing At All - What Happened To The World? - Prepare Your House - What Will I Leave You? - Closing Prayer
Multicolored Fish
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2013

Track List:

Spaceman - Ride - Rain Today - Then The Sun Shines - Multicolored Fish - Baby Are You Insane? - The Fuzz
Another Suburban Sunset
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2016

Track List:

Another Suburban Sunset - The Great Unknown - Nothing You Won't Do - Sheep - Rest In Peace - Outside Myself - Willow Tree - Best Day - Uncle Joe - Beautiful Day - No Need To Hurry  - Home                                                             
Bonus Track: Beautiful Day (Instrumental Version)
Tim Kwiat
By TIm Kwiat
Released 2017

Track List:

Living It For The Man - Paper Houses - Out Of My Mind - That's What You Get - Follow  -Something About You - Good Morning Mr. Sunshine - It's Not My Fault - Saturday Afternoon - Where Are You Now? - Tie That Woman Down - Over You - Goodbye

More Tracks: Not Getting Up - You Leave