New Album
Raining Colors

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Raining Colors by Super Genius

Slipping Away
There Are Reasons
Cross The Line
Tainted Flowers
Raining Colors
Shark Attack!
As Long As I Live
Laugh With Me
The Other Side Of The Sea
She's Having An Affair
As Long As I Live (Reprise)

(All Words & Music by Tim Kwiat - Copyright 2021 - KwiatSongs)
Back To Our Roots!

14 New Tracks performed by the original Trio
Tim Kwiat - Steve Brown - Mike Bitts

Recorded at home in the Green Room - Lancaster, PA and Mastered by Glenn Carty in Havertown, PA., While it is their fourth collective release, Raining Colors features a fresh uptempo sound that echoes back to the first record Painting in The Rain. After having explored a musical odyssey with Finding Freedom and a folky chill vibe with Breakfast under The Trees, Super Genius returns to their roots with straight rockers and power ballads filled with melody and energy...