Released September 22, 2017
Tim Kwiat's Self-Titled Album wasn't supposed to be. 

Welcome to my home...! 

The coffee is always on and the studio is set up. There is a comfy couch and a couple sets of Beats headphones laying around...Kick back and catch some familiar vibes that are flavored in a 70's style - Not a concept, just a taste of a retro melody...

​Stealing moments between domestic activities, an album was created. Spontaneous and unintended sessions took place on weekends and occasional weeknights after the day's commitments were fulfilled. Some old ideas were dusted off and joined with some fresh perspectives. The result for me is pure unexpected joy!
Track Listing
1. Living It For The Man
2. Paper Houses
3. Out Of My Mind
4. That's What You Get
5. Follow 
6. Something About You
7. Good Morning Mr. Sunshine
8. It's Not My Fault
9. Saturday Afternoon
10. Where Are You Now?
11. Tie That Woman Down
12. Over You
13. Goodbye

More Tracks:
14. Not Getting Up
15. You Leave
All Words & Music written and performed by Tim Kwiat -Except "You Leave" Words by Paul Simmons -  Copyright 2017 KwiatSongs.The album was recorded very casually at home in Lancaster, PA on a Roland VS-2400 24 Track DAW. It was mixed using Bose Headphones. Mastered by Dave Shirk, AZ. 
"Mari, Clear a Wall..!!!!"
September 2017 
Album Story:

"This has been a crazy year and  I have been trying to have some fun with music. Lots of great stuff to listen to has come out, but the most fun has come from weekly band rehearsals with my old pals Steve Brown and Tim Halloran.  With so much going on in everyone's life, there was a period of several months where we had to wait to coordinate our rehearsal schedule. As a result, I amused myself between chores on weekends by recording in my home studio. There was no intention of making a record, I was just having some fun. Again, playing all of the instruments and singing all of the parts, I dug deep into some old ideas from many years ago with the intention of finishing them off. I decided to rewrite lyrics and parts, and arrangements until everything sounded fresh and new. Many of the ideas came from things I had tried recording with my old friend, the great recording engineer, Efrain Torres Jr.

I also wrote some brand new songs and gathered a couple recent demos for projects I had originally intended for the band, A highlight was collaborating on "You Leave" with a friend from work. Paul Simmons had offered some wonderful lyrics with the challenge of having me come up with the music. I don't remember the last time I wrote a song with someone else, and it was great fun! 

Gathering everything together in one play list, it sounded like an album. There was no concept or intention behind it, just a collection of things I did in my spare time on Friday nights, between running around on Saturdays, and with my Sunday morning coffee.... It's just me... 

Originally intended as a hand out for friends and family, I couldn't get the collection to normalize without washing out the mix and I did not feel right handing out something that wasn't listenable. I decided to call my old friend Joe Liantonio who is a great lover of music with a great listening ear. Together we got in touch with Dave Shirk, an amazing audio mastering engineer who we had worked with many years ago. Dave did an incredible job putting some very casual home recordings into extremely listenable quality. Having come this far, it does seem to be an album! Not trying to force a concept, Karen suggested that I simply call it Tim Kwiat... so here it is!"
Tracks 1-14:   All Words & Music written by Tim Kwiat 
Track 15:      "You Leave" Music written by Tim Kwiat, Words written by Paul Simmons (Lyrics Used by Kind Permission)

All Songs Copyright 2017 KwiatSongs.

The album was recorded very casually at home in Lancaster, PA on a Roland VS-2400 24 Track DAW. It was mixed using Bose Headphones.

All Vocals, Instruments, Engineering, Production, & Mistakes by Tim Kwiat (with no one else there to blame...!) 

Audio Consulting - Joe Liantonio
Mastered by Dave Shirk at Sonorous Mastering - Temple, AZ. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... to my great big wonderful family for indulging me, my wife Karen (Honey Bee), to those who have supported and shown interest in the things I do..... and to my old friend Efrain Torres Jr (ET) for the energy that lingers from all those years ago when we dreamed of one day making this record. Mari, clear a wall!!!   

Also many thanks to Joe Liantonio & Dave Shirk.. my old Helix family.
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