Super Genius 20!!!  Jamming with some old friends! 

Tim Kwiat, Steve Brown, & Mike Bitts, have gotten together for the first time in over 15 years to play some old songs. In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of 1995's "Painting In The Rain" album, the group reformed, adding Tim Halloran from "A Thousand Years", to perform a free show for family, friends, and anyone who happened to stop into the Ephrata Main Theater on May 31, 2015. 

The original concept for the band's first (and only) album, was a celebration of a friendship that began in high school. That friendship continues to this day and was again the focal point for celebration. Steve envisioned a chronological performance that would build through a few key songs from Tim Kwiat's catalog, up to where "Painting In The Rain" was realized. Due to schedules and time constrictions, the band opted to take only a few of those songs and mix them together with a few influential covers. After an intermission, Super Genius performed the entire "Painting In The Rain" album in sequence. The performance was loose and casual - almost a jam that kept things fresh and fun. What A Great Day!!!!
"Painting In The Rain" - The original Super Genius album from 1995 is now on Soundcloud! Listen and download for free!!! Click Album cover....

Tim Kwiat's self-titled new album is now out!!! Released September 22, 2017. It is available on CD, streaming, and digital download. The album features 13 album tracks, plus 2 additional single tracks and was recorded at home in a very casual atmosphere. In fact, it wasn't quite meant to be an album at all. See the track listing and read the album story here.
Tim Kwiat, the new self titled album is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Listen to samples of all tracks and download "Paper Houses" now!!!

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Exciting News!!!

Super Genius is back and has recorded their first album since 1995's "Painting In The Rain"!!!!

Original Members Tim Kwiat, Steve Brown, & Mike Bitts, are joined by Tim Halloran (from A Thousand Years). The record is a unique offering - a musical odyssey of a journey from the stress of every day life to finding spirit, inner peace, and freedom. Truly unique and engaging, it is meant to be enjoyed like a novel. 

The set will be packaged deluxe with the story and full lyrics. Release is targeted for August 2019.
July - 2019
Finding Freedom
AUGUST - 2019

OUT NOW!!!   Finding Freedom by Super Genius

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A rock odyssey in the style of a concept album (once a popular format in the 60's and 70's) inspired by a trip to Oregon. Performed by Super Genius: Tim Kwiat (Vocals & Guitars - Some Keyboard) - Tim Halloran (Bass & Backing Vocals) - Both from A Thousand Years - Along with Steve Brown (Drums & Percussion) - Mike Bitts (Piano, Organ, Keyboards, & Backing Vocals) from Innocence Mission.

Watch for updates and features!!!!
OCTOBER - 2019

The first 2 videos from "Finding Freedom" are "Medford" & "Flying To Oregon" - Both are available on YouTube...

The videos were filmed and produced by Dallas Anderson in the studio where the album was recorded. They are performance films with "Medford" being a representation of the band running through the track during rehearsal, and "Flying To Oregon" featuring the instrumental elements of the session.